Richard Weight

Author | Broadcaster | Historian


Richard is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and of the Royal Society of Arts.

After undergraduate study at Trinity College, Cambridge, he taught at University College London where he obtained his PhD under the supervision of Professor Martin Daunton (currently Master of Trinity Hall and Chair of the School of Humanities at the University of Cambridge). Professors Peter Hennesssy and David Cannadine examined the thesis. Richard was also a Fellow of the Institute for Historical Research in London.

Since leaving the Institute and becoming a freelance scholar, Richard has remained closely involved with the academic world. He has been an Assistant Professor at several British and American institutions, among them King’s College London, the Universities of Berkeley and Chicago, and Boston University, where he currently teaches three courses on British culture and society since the 18th century.

He has also contributed to the work of think tanks, such as the Institute of Public Policy Research and the British American Project.

Richard delivers occasional research papers at conferences and contributes to periodicals and books including the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. A selection is available below, click them to download:

‘Losing The Peace: Germany, Japan, America and the Shaping of British National Identity in the Age of Affluence’, from Lawrence Black and Hugh Pemberton (eds.), Affluent Britain (Cass, 2004)

‘Is it ‘cos I is English? The contradictions of an early twenty-first century national identity’, from Mark Perryman (ed.), Imagined Nation: England after Britain (Lawrence and Wishart, 2008)